Wikipedia によると 故ゴルダ・メイヤ氏の生誕地はウクライナであり、改姓の【メイヤ】はヘブライ語で「燃え輝く」を意味するのだそうだ。
メイヤ氏の quotes を検索していたら以下が目に入った。

On the other hand, I honestly didn't want the responsibility, the awful stress and strain of being prime minister...I had never planned to be prime minister; I had never planned any position, in fact. I had planned to come to Palestine, to go to [kibbutz] Merhavia, to be active in the labor movement. But the position I would occupy? That never...I became prime minister because that was how it was, in the same way that my milkman became an officer in command of an outpost on Mount Hermon. Neither of us had any particular relish for the job, but we both did it as well as we could.